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Our Purpose

Hi. I’m Tiffany. Welcome to Her Infinite Worth. We believe that every woman is infinitely worthy of love, respect, and happiness. We believe that it is our mission to help women remember their worthiness and live their best lives. 

Our purpose is to create magical experiences for women! 

That’s why we offer Women’s Empowerment Retreats in Hawaii and Utah, designed to help you relax, think deeply, and learn to love yourself. 

Our Story

I remember the day I made the decision to fly my team out to Hawaii for a women’s retreat. I could feel the excitement building inside of me as I thought about all the amazing things we would experience together. But I had no idea how much it would change our lives. 

We got out of our comfort zones and experienced things we never would have experienced otherwise. 

But most of all, we learned how amazing each one of us is. We were given tools and knowledge to love ourselves, and we were given permission to see ourselves in a new light. Because of what we saw, felt, and learned, there was a great amount of joy, love, and peace that flowed into our lives. 

It was an unforgettable experience for which I am so grateful.

From that women’s retreat, I learned that loving myself was one of the greatest things that I could ever do. It helped me to love others more. After seeing the change and growth in myself and my team, I knew that I wanted to do this for others. From this life-changing experience, a charity was born. 

What Makes Us Different

Our teaching is centered on personal discovery and growth. We create magical experiences designed to promote self-reflection and introspection. We know that by providing these opportunities, women feel empowered to embrace their truest selves. Only then can they reach their full potential and lead joyful, fulfilling lives.

We provide life coaching for women. Giving the opportunity for every woman to feel beautiful, connected, and confident. We know that when women feel these things, they're more likely to be their best selves and make a positive impact on their families and communities.

The hustle and bustle of everyday life can sometimes leave us feeling lost and searching for something more. So, if you're feeling stuck, come to one of our women's healing retreats and begin your journey to finding yourself. 

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