Hawaii Women's Retreat. Oahu, Hawaii, May 8 through the 13th

Life Changing Experience

"I have NEVER done anything like this. I felt so much guilt even wanting to go (Satan), but with the support of my husband and kids, I did it, and IT WAS LIFE CHANGING!! I was able to see Heather thru the eyes of my Heavenly Mother and Heavenly Father. I was able to see my spiritual gifts thru the people I met in Hawaii. I was able to feel love for MYSELF! My vision is Grow in Love. As I work on Loving who I am, I hope to Grow into someone who can help others see themselves the way I have been able to see myself."

"My experience in Hawaii was a paradigm shift for me. I recently went through a divorce and have had to learn how to balance full time work, sharing three kids, and emotions I didn’t even know I had.

Since learning what my vision is, I have been able to say yes to things that go along with my vision and no things that don’t support it. I have also learned that one of my gifts is being a light. The more I trust in myself and my God the brighter that light shines within me to help others."

"I don’t usually do things without thorough planning and research, but I felt the call to go and I’m so grateful I did. I learned so much about myself, how I inhibit my own success, and how to break out of my own self imposed “box” where I safely and comfortably do nothing because of fear. Getting to know these women and the organizers of the retreat was a life changing gift. I grew because of them, their stories, their souls, their personalities, their life experiences, and their wisdom. I returned home tired, but feeling like my soul was rested—a feeling I have not felt in a very, very long time. I feel more optimistic than ever that there are great things ahead for me because I can do anything. I am infinitely capable and infinitely worthy. And so are you."


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You are powerful. You are beautiful. You are a leader. You are important. You are a jewel. 

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Learn to Love Yourself

Do you struggle to look in the mirror and see someone you love? Are you your worst critic? Do you yearn to love yourself again?

You are not alone, and you are not on your own. Our Hawaii women's retreat is built for you, and will help you learn to love yourself.

3 Pillars of Learning

At every retreat, our approach to personal discovery and growth is based on the belief that 'to think outside the box you need to get outside the box.' Learning doesn't just happen during lessons or discussions, it is woven into every experience and activity. That's why we focus on our Three Pillars of Learning:

I. Instruction

Take in the insights and thought-provoking questions of powerful instruction, designed to give you the tools to dig deep and discover your own strengths and gifts.

II. Reflection

Our human minds + souls need time and quiet reflection to think through new ideas. Find a quiet nook where you can sit and spend time with your own thoughts.

III. Learning Activities

Every activity is an opportunity to both learn and to be brave. Getting out of your comfort zone can sometimes be difficult, but it is where learning + growth happen.

An Abundance of Meditation

The island of Oahu is alive and giving--tap into the healing powers of the island during the daily personal time, where you can:

  • Write thoughts, feelings, and inspiration in your journal
  • Listen to the rolling waves
  • Contemplate what you've learned
  • Meditate in a quiet corner of the world

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Learning Activities

Everything in life teaches, especially during one of our Hawaii Women's Retreats. While each retreat is unique and features different activities, here are some that are commonly included:


Sometimes the best moments in life follow hard work and determination, just like a hike up to a breathtaking lookout. 

Sea Glass

Sea glass has survived the ocean for decades, and has much to teach about perseverence and the beauty of broken things.


Stretch and move, appreciating the fresh Hawaiian air, and allowing yourself to be mindful of the moment.

Paddle Boarding

Get grounded, recharged, and motivated as you paddle board the calm, healing waters of Oahu.

Cultural Experiences

Learn about the deep traditions of Polynesia, and the profound respect that is shown for women.

Beach Time

Soak in the sun and the soul-filling powers of iconic North Shore beaches, whether you want to boogie board or just sit and meditate. 

I found myself in Hawaii

Takara Sullivan

I was lost, we all are to some degree, because the fact of the matter is most of us are not fortunate enough to be taught how to truly LIVE.

Society teaches us how to fear and how to pretend to be like everyone else. You can’t expect to write your own story when someone else is writing it for you. This is the script that I thought my life was “supposed” to follow: I’ll raise my child, retire, grow old with my husband and complete the circle, just like my parents and their parents did.

The fact is you don’t know what you don’t know. If I never would have experienced the women’s retreats, if I never would have found my purpose, then I never would have known how much of my life I was missing out on every dang day.

It’s a powerful thing to know your worth. It’s even more powerful to live you life knowing “I am successful every day.” You are the treasure and what we teach at the retreat will help you unlock your greatest potential, and allow you to live the most amazing life you’ve never dreamed possible.

If you’ve ever longed to find yourself, to LIVE your life everyday, to heal from past hurts, to find your worth (I could go on and on), then this is for you.

More importantly don’t take my word for it I need you to trust yourself. if you are telling yourself that you need this LISTEN TO YOU! No one knows you better than yourself. Let your journey begin now and take control of your life!

Let’s unlock your purpose together! I can’t wait to meet you the real you! See you in Hawaii!

Much love,

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You are powerful. You are beautiful. You are a leader. You are important. You are a jewel. 

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